Lobster Fest

Registration / general inquiries:

General inquiries can be emailed to burlingtonlobsterfest@gmail.com


Shafiq Mohamed (416) 458-0395

Thanks for your support! You will receive a confirmation e-mail upon registration and for all sponsorship purchases.

Return Policy:
If the event is canceled, fully or in part, your money will be refunded for the portion of the event(s) that you purchased. This does not include rain delays stated in accordance with the facility policy.

Delivery Method:
You will receive a confirmation e-mail when your payment has cleared stating the event(s) you have purchased.

Privacy Policy:
We take the privacy of your information seriously. We will not disclose personal information without your permission. To process your order, certain service providers have access to your address, email and phone, but only for the purpose of completing the order and for internal tracking purposes. You will not be contacted by these service providers except in the case of questions or issues with your order.  You may be contacted by Rotary only for announcing future fundraising events.

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